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And the winner is

And the winner is

And the winner for Outstanding Desire To Have A Woman is...

The total fucking loser that thinks I give a shit!

(The crowd is on its feet as the total fucking loser makes his way to the podium to accept his fucking award.)

"I'd just like to thank my mother for giving birth to me and my father for wanting my mother... And I'd like to thank evolution for giving me a penis, because without it I could not be on this stage today... And I'd like to thank the academy for recognizing my outstanding achievement in wanting a girl. This is for you, babe... If I hadn't fucking wanted to get into your fucking pants none of this could have been possible."


"I'm standing here with the total fucking loser that won The Outstanding Desire To Have A Woman Award... What can you tell us about how your feeling tonight, having won this most prestigious award?"

"Words can't express how I feel. I'm just so honoured to have been selected from the billions of other men that want women to be the TRUE FUCKING LOSER that tops them all. I don't know what to say... It's a very special night for me and I just want to go celebrate with my friends and family... It's not every day that a man is crowned biggest fucking loser on the planet."

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