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America and the freedom to hate

America and the freedom to hate

I’m honestly ashamed of us for supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza. I wrote Biden and told him and he does nothing. He continued to send our tax money to Israel and they continue to commit war crime after war crime after war crime.

Now I’m learning that Israel is using white phosphorus and it’s burning Palestinians alive. Lookup white phosphorus burns to see how sick the IDF is …

Or just watch one of the hundreds of videos documenting this but nobody’s doing anything to stop them? Well, we can’t because most Americans have been ruined/brainwashed into thinking that they must at all costs protect their freedom to hate

And so, why would they stop anyone else from doing that? That would be obviously hypocritical and so, they staunchly stand behind their freedom to hate

But all of this is about to backfire.

Lolita Political April 02, 2024 at 9:02 pm 0
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