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I really want to get better at programming but I can't seem to do it. I always end up using follow along tutorials and i feel like a fucking imposter. Am i really coding? How do i even learn the applications of functions without trying a use-case first? I wonder if this was a wrong choice
anonymous Computers January 14, 2022 at 2:14 pm 0
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I dabbled in programming a little bit and took a few courses throughout the years. I found the same issue with what appears to be a coder's writer's block.

You learn how to do it and it's like... Yeah, ok. Now what.

I found higher level languages to be particularly annoying. Java, Python, Ruby.

The farthest I got was actually with C. The verboseness and detail needed for it actually made more sense to me than the "easier" languages. I was actually having FUN learning C. Even still, I eventually found myself in the same boat.

Sometimes I wonder if there really is that much of a difference in everyone's programs, or if what really defines a good programmer VS. a bad one is just how good they clean their code.

Guess we'd need someone who seriously does that shit to answer. Tell you what though, if I were still interested in doing IT, I'd much rather do that than be an operator anymore. And have to deal with dumb ass tech support, and all those ball busting certs that get changed quicker than tampons.
anonymous 4 days ago
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