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Heyyyyyyyy guess what. That producer arrested. Remember Amy who was just fired?! Over a alleged sex scandal?! The same lady who said she had the Epstein story….. on hot mic

Now a producer is arrested following a anonymous tip a while back. Thank God for that hero or hero’s who send that in.

You sick fucks
anonymous Other February 02, 2023 at 5:36 pm 1
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This proves that Mister Trumps did not steel nothing that he was not going to steeel anyways from 5ths of exsexutib pribb ledge as he was the effingk presdent. end of storey.
moo goo 2 months ago
You know nothing. End of story
anonymous 2 months ago
And I KNOW who you are. You’re the individual who a few years back got a visit from secret service making threats on Trump.

What a absolute loser
anonymous 2 months ago
I don't care about what happened in your American news networks, they are all filled with garbage. The Divided States is garbage.
anonymous 2 months ago
Then don’t read my post
anonymous 2 months ago
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