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You know

What a loser I am and how I’m going to have to settle. All these spells on me and this other stuff.

I broke through today. I realized something. People wanted to scream at me to look over here. Stop chasing after these people who you know hate you.

But now I know. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe. I don’t know. I pray God deals with it. But all in time his perfect will. Will be done.

I found my person. She’s everything i ever wanted and more. I see myself in her. But the good parts of me.

This isn’t a fiery passion like every other time this has been. This is something different. This is something I have deep peace about and a deep feeling of love and understanding.

I could feel your hatred in me. I could feel the demonic influences over some peoples lives but I didn’t want to see it. I wanted to think you all were good people. I wanted to. So bad. I have people the benefit of the doubt more times then I could ever count. I have given more chances then I can even remember.

God sent me to give some people a chance and God told me to leave some of you be a long time ago and I kept going. Because I had hope.

I’m not angry about the things you said to and about me. I’m not upset over that. What deeply saddens me is the disappointment. I thought some people were better then this. I really did. I feel sad for you.

Someone tires to talk to you and you know who you are and you get and say all this nasty stuff. Someone who you claim to like and are nice to her face. But when you go behind this woman’s back you’re nothing but nasty to her. What you said today disgusted me.
anonymous Other August 05, 2022 at 10:51 pm 0
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