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whats wrong with ppl

whats wrong with ppl

i truly beleive that everyone is just weird. like why do they act like that? why do they do this? why do they do that? what part of their minds thinks its ok to do or say that?

how do they not understand that what theyre doing is mean? or u reasonable?

like wtf?

i truly believe im the only perfect one here and that everyone else has issues they need to work on.

i just don’t understand at all. how can they not see that what theyre doing is wrong?

like my mom is being rlly mean to my sick sister, saying she wants to just cut her out of her life. my brother thinks he has this great personality amd that all girls will fall for him. my dad thinks its okay to yell all the time and criricize everything his children does. my sister thinks its ok to abandon her children with us, and she’s not evem trying to get them back or to get better.

like everybody has to always get their own feelings involved. like just look at a situation objectively. is it that fucking hard to do?

i feel like im the only normal one here. and its a huge burden.
anon Relationships October 05, 2022 at 11:22 am 0
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