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What the fuck

What the fuck

I’m never anyone’s first god damn choice and I always care more about people than they do about me. I notice when people are down- I check in on them and no one ever does the same for me and I’m so fucking sick of it. God everyone sucks honestly. And I’ve got this toxic ass bitch who always manages to wiggle herself into situations. And she always puts me down about myself. But my best friend for like 4 years Likes her and hangs out with her- sometimes ditches me for her!!!!! And I can’t drop her. It’s so fucking shit.
anonymous Friends August 02, 2020 at 4:32 am 0
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People are very shallow and tribal in nature and tend to have certain criteria people need to meet before they’ll even consider them worth their attention. Looks, status, and so on. It’s not fair and it sucks that it is that way. Considering it a failing of society in general.

If people don’t bother to look beyond surface level, they’re probably not worth your time anyway. People might be checking on you but just not saying anything. I check on distant relatives through social media myself. Some people could be too shy to talk or not know how to approach you.

Point being more people probably care about you than you’re aware of. Also I don’t suggest going around calling people toxic. The whole concept is toxic in and of itself.
anonymous 1 week ago
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