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Want another

Tell me that people blindly take my side.

Your humor has gotten me through even some of the worst of days. But the last thing people want to hear on a bad day is someone standing there in their email box ranting and raving over the same old nonsense.

I want the old you back the one who doesn’t take everything to heart. You have to forgive them and you can’t hate them or project who they are on or literally everyone else.

Just understand people are going through a lot. I miss the days where you joked and played around. It makes me worry about you have a great day
anonymous Other January 25, 2023 at 3:50 am 0
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For most people there is a reason behind what they do. If someone is ranting and raving it probably isn't over nonsense. It might be that they are trying to protect a community from being continually attacked and set against one another. I wouldn't call that nonsense. What is nonsense is that anyone would double down on doing that in the first place. It's hard not to take everything to heart when I can see how much emotional hurt it is causing. When I see people diminished, hating themselves, and living without hope of a better future. When I see people feeling the same despair and being drowned in it. Why should I forgive them when they refuse to learn from the past? Have the stopped? Have they made any effort to make things better for others or doubled down on making it worse? It looks like the latter to me. I wish I could forgive them but what they are doing makes me feel sick and disgusted and repulsed. It's not for me to forgive but for the people they are continuing to cause harm to. I can't hate them because I can't but I can protest the way they are behaving. I feel very strongly against their treatment of others. I do understand they are going through a lot but they're not the only ones. Taking out their anger on other people just makes it worse for everyone. They're just passing on their pain to other people. I miss the better days to when everything wasn’t going to hell in a handbasket like it seems these days. I am no stranger to dealing with this but its not a great state to be in mentally. I'm worried about you too and about the future. I understand they are going through a lot and you are too but acting this way isn't going to make things better. For actions against me that I've mostly forgiven but contrary to your belief my concern is for the community and not myself.
anonymous 1 year ago
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