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I'm so tired, I have a paper due, I have no idea how to write this. I don't want to trouble others by saying anything. All I want to do is cry. No one understands me. People don't care to see a sad face on me, they just want to see me smile right? maybe not, who knows. it just feels like that. Just smile, just be okay, just be happy.
anonymous School April 14, 2024 at 8:10 pm 0
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Hey, say something to someone, you need to tell folks you need some help organizing your thoughts on this paper.

What I do sometimes is present it as a 'sanity check', I say, listen I have this task, just not sure how to approach it, have/had some thoughts on it, but wanted to run it by you (usually someone more senior than myself) and get some input before I go ahead and start...just wanted a sanity check from someone/you just to make sure I am on the correct path.

Nothing wrong with asking for help, just try to ask the right people and and in the right way.
Kash 1 month ago
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