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Toxic Ex

I’m just so upset with how my ex can live their life seemingly so much better when they’re without me. They blamed me for every single one of their mental issues and claimed I was done changing when I tried everything in my power to help them. I spent the night at their place when i should have been studying for a big quiz because they were sad, called their therapist when they were having self harm thoughts and couldn’t bring themselves to tell anyone else except me. That would have been fine if it was once a month and not every week, but the worst part was there was ZERO reciprocation. They wouldn’t take the bus to hang out with me, if I was upset about how difficult calculus 3 was, they would say “that makes me feel really shitty because i’m in calculus one and struggling.”. I was always walking on eggshells around them. It was HORRIBLE. Then suddenly they decided I was the source of all of their problems. When they broke up with me (because I asked them to try focusing on positive things and try the anxiety coping strategies I and their therapist recommended), suddenly their crippling anxiety was almost cured. What the hell.
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