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idk y but lately i just feel tired uk like idk why but i just feel so.....numb?? down?? blue?? wtv u call it idk what i feel tbh. theres this empty hole and ive been trying to fill it w a bunch of things but it just feels like everything is not the right shape for it everything just doesnt feel right. idk what it is and its frustrating i wish someone can help find something to fill that hole but who am i kidding who would help someone like me, ik sound like a fucking pick me girl but idk cant i be a pick me girl for once cant somebody choose me for once?? is it a relationship that im seeking?? doesnt feel like it tho, agh its so frustrating, its like not knowing what to eat when your starving, frustrating isnt?? the thing is there isnt really anything wrong with my life i feel like im ungrateful cause like i have a house, a loving parents, lovely friends, stable financial life,i have food on the table everyday, nothings rlly going on at school what else would i want am i ungrateful??
anonymous Other August 06, 2022 at 12:17 pm 0
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