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Me: I am always stressing out these days. You keep pushing me to look for a job when I would just want a rest for 3-4 months after finishing my degree for my mental health. You even act like i am a disappointment to you.

Parents: But you look just fine. Stop being sensitive.

In my heart, I kept talking to myself "and that's why I rarely cried in front of you and sharing my troubles because I know if I cried you would just shrug it of as me being sensitive". I have cried so many times when I return back to my own room because it is the only place where I wont be judge. Is it wrong for me the be sensitive, its not like I want to be one. I perceive feelings strongly as an INFP but could you blame me for being one, I cant control it.

The least you could do is just give me some space or just a small encouragement. Not guilt tripping me into thinking that I am such a useless, coward, lazy, disappointment, selfish, incompetent person. I dont want to blame myself each time I cried. Im tired of it.
anonymous Home October 05, 2022 at 10:08 am 0
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