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I hate how i put myself there, it was a local place i used to visit now i dont like everything. my social anxiety is bad enough. but my communication skills werent as bad as they are now. Before they shitty pandemic and my job makes it worse. The managers, try to make everyone do everything at once, and handling a register by constantly having shitty ppl yelling at you for the company's choice making customers use the self check out. Acting like you have some damn power and is its ur choice the self check out is there when all you are is a min. wage employee. Damn people who expect you gotta still help customers even though you are on the way to clock out, but the manager think its okay cuz "your own company's time" when its probs just literally 20-30 pennies. ABSOLUTELY, stressed by the ptsd oh absolutely crazy and karen customer, who cant understand no, or bring in shitty returns and tryna return it at the wrong place and constantly harrasses cuz the company has shitty programmers who ignored the faulty code, cuz the unnessary qr-codes and their vibes barely work half the time, while most of the customer base is elderly people who struggle with the internet, weird unnecessary flier that require you to download an app only get to the damn website you can google, while customers harrass the employees with giving them the discount even tho those lazy people can pull it up on their own phones like or may be just ask how to pull it up but to demand it is annoying, having to be cussed out, by the manager when literally somany things needs managers keys and override and having to wait on them with line of angry customers, all for part time min wage, that gives no health benefits or anything except an occasional 10% increase discount only when their products or clearance dont sell Tryna also sell shitty credit card, that over charge idk the retail like is a tough way to surf through, the customers are gross too literally, leaving snotty tissues near the fabric area, or leaving drinks
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