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Ripped Off

There were 35,085 locations of McDonald's Restaurants at the end of 2018. Go to drive thru and order an item. You get home and they left out part of the order.
Do the math. 1 item $1.60 x 35085 = $56,136.00 per day x 364 days per year = $20,433,504.00 annually. YES THAT IS 20 + MILLION PER YEAR THAT CONSUMERS ARE BEING RIPPED OFF.
I guarantee there is more than just one ripped off customer per day per restaurant. It happens to me all the time, maybe 50 to 60 percent of the time. They leave off the egg on my biscuit or the cheese of which I have paid for. Who has time to go back and make it right.
My guess is that you could multiply that 20, 433,504.00 by 5 or more....Something to think about.. That is just one year!!!!!!! They have been in business for decades.

Kaos Other August 17, 2019 at 10:39 am 1
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Our Walmart's older self checkout would almost always short you a penny on change. I did the math on that and was shocked also how much they were collecting by short changing customers.
anonymous 6 months ago
I feel you completely but on the other hand; people are buying poison.

Dude I smoke cigarettes. Business these days is all about being a piece of shit (I believe in ethics; i've worked several places. Most people don't. And that is probably hungry employees stealing your food. I stole mcnuggets from mcdonalds when i worked there but not from employees)

But they are harder on inventory so if the employees want free food; they have to take it from the consumer. "They wont come back." someone orders something they like "Ill have that" "Have a nice day"

idk. People are buying poison. I havent had fast food in a couple weeks. I am a fit person; the cigarette taxes are bullshit. I'm addicted and life isn't exactly peaceful enough to quit. Fuck Mcdonalds
lol 6 months ago
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