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Response to angry teens on reddit post

Response to angry teens on reddit post

You really expect teens these days to show reason? HA! The**** is all Worldstar to them now. These kniving, back stabbing harpies will grow up to be kniving back stabbing adults. And hypersensitive, ready to sue, and insist on being called by some weird, abnormal title.

Fuck people, I'd rather work with machines. People get bitchy, machines never do. That's why I don't want anybody in my space, and the new inflow of harpies is going to make life hell for everybody in the workplace.

And if anybody insists on being referred to by something weird like "LatinX", then it automatically tells me that person is already a miserable asshole or bitch ready to pick fights and sue at the first opportunity after being 'offended' (which can be something as simple as someone looking at them the wrong way for a brief second), and is either a mental case ready to flake out with no notice (likely having a Jeckyl/Hyde type persona) or has as much compassion as a Xerox machine and always having behavioral conduct with miserable fuck undertones.

When I encounter somebody like this, the person automatically goes on my shit list and I will not deal with them or have any kind of interaction with them at all.

anonymous Other November 09, 2019 at 2:17 am 0
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Ok boomer
anonymous 4 months ago
^In some respects Boomers and Gen X'ers show a hell of a lot more common sense than Millenials.

Case in point. We didn't go "Oh please, Mr. Tommy Tucker bully sir, please stop picking on me!". Instead, we kicked Tommy's ass. Some assholes only understand violence, a point that the "talk it out"bot wimps don't seem to get.

Of course, this is to condition the populace to be weak and docile so they are easily ruled and manipulated. All of the shit going on during the past 30 years, such as being "woke" is designed to do this.

The overlords play the hell's violin (the masses) well.
anonymous 4 months ago
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