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Putin officially Koo Koo for coca puffs

Putin officially Koo Koo for coca puffs

"More than 1,300 people were detained across Russia on Wednesday for participating in nationwide anti-war protests -- with some directly conscripted into the military"

Holy Jesus Christ driving the Batmobile! These are the types you don't want in your army! Putin's losin' it. He's losin' it!
anonymous Other September 22, 2022 at 4:27 am 1
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Putin is still in charge. While the war is obviously a setback for him there is no reason to be confident he will be deposed. He could last for years. But obviously he should quit because he is just using the Russian young men as cannon fodder and it's barbaric, he can't win its obviously humiliating for him but he should have known it would happen so he shouldn't have been so arrogant and short sighted
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Conscripts (draftees is the polite term) for any army is not a good thing because they do not want to be there, but put them in the line of fire almost all of them will shoot back. The Russian airport was busy with people catching flights out of country to avoid potentially getting drafted if even more bodies are required, which does lead one to wonder how well would the Ukrainian army be doing had not all men under 65 been conscripted preventing them from leaving the country and was that the reason Zelensky played off like he did not believe a Russian attack was eminent to prevent a pre-attack exodus of able bodied men & their families.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
This is our fault. If we had just let Presdent Trump go ahead and send all the rest of the stolen secrets out and get the money he needs for the new jet and the huge rallies and the love from the other dictators then all would be as it should be...
trump4evber 2 weeks ago
"But obviously he should quit because he is just using the Russian young men as cannon fodder and it's barbaric,"

The real issue is how much longer will the Russian people tolerate his behavior, and when will it get to the point that they know they could be next and have nothing to lose and remove him by force. Even if it means many of them will die in the process.

Russia is NOT America, and even with all of the crookedness and corruption, we have it good compared to the Russian citizens.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
So, this is why we want to have a russian style dictatatorship here? Yow.
Yakov 2 weeks ago
"So, this is why we want to have a russian style dictatatorship here? Yow."

The so called "Proud Boys" don't know what a real dictatorship is like and they are chanting for authoritarianism. I wish they could meet someone who actually lived under a dictator and listen to them without the stupid little rebuttals, and maybe some would change their tune. But I expect most would be hyperarrogant, thinking "but America will do it right." Then reality will slap them in the face if it does happen.

And this is one of the key reasons why history repeats itself. "We'll do it right". Except it never turns out that way, and thus more hell on Earth. I'm sure every dictatorship figured "we'll do it right, we won't make the same mistakes they did" but they always end up doing the exact same stuff "they" have done.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Some folks dont think straight, dont think things through, dont think with rationality, dont know what to think ..or dont think at all but stamp their feet in time to the beat.
faith in anarchy 2 weeks ago
"...stamp their feet in time to the beat."

Would that be goose-stepping?
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Goose, Geese..strikes fear in the crowd...
trumpoonz trumpon 2 weeks ago

Stop posting retarded comments about politics with deliberate misspellings, especially on nonpolitical posts like this! It's getting extremely tiresome!
The STFU Guy 2 weeks ago
Hi, What does 'dipsomatic" mean? This is a far out place. Some weird stuff which has got to be in code...but funny, though odd.
Laptop 2 weeks ago
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