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Pervert with a tiny weenie

Pervert with a tiny weenie

I hate public transportation for this exact reason. I was taking the bus but it got full cuz of the office hours and this guy was rubbing himself subtly against my shoulder. It was weird, he had his weight pushed on me and I was close to getting off the bus. And my new shoes weren't the best for days that involves lots of walking so my feet were in pain, and were bleeding from the friction etc. So I felt his hard pencil when I got up and it was so small I lowkey felt bad for him. I did step on his shoe HARD when I got up ( it's a shame I wasn't wearing heals) and my shoulder felt a little wet ( that shirt went straight to trash )

I hope that Touch-starved crayon man gets his issues fixed soon. I could've spoke out loud but the last time I did my ex-friend made fun of me.

I'm hating my parents full time for their shitty financial decisions. Assholes.
Blasphemy Body May 29, 2024 at 4:43 am 1
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If you try to appear pretty and use all sorts of make up and other things to "elevate" your appearance, you are asking for attention. And you got that attention, now if you are not doing that, then sure, the man wad being intrusive and insensitive/inconsiderate.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
You are talking about our Presdent! Be SILENT...we all are.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Hey Number 2 she said nothing about President Biden but Trump is a worse pervert so shut the fuck up dumbass also to the author i'm sorry you went through this go look for people who you can talk to.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Well well well, would you look at these 3 comments... Sincere constructive criticism provided below;

Comment 1.
Your statements are weak. And shows that you lack empathy and your apathetic tone adds fuel to the fire. "Elevating appearance" sounds very positive so I believe your choice of words needs more sharpening. Also sensing projection of insecurities, I recommend seeking therapy.

[ As defense on my side, I was not wearing makeup, dressed in baggy clothes and wearing a mask to feel comfortable in my anonymity. I was texting my friends the whole ride and I avoid interacting with strangers, unless it's absolutely necessary. ]

Comment 2.
I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding political matters. You may find your shit tasty but that doesn't mean others would like it too. Do everyone a favor, and stop sticking it everywhere.

[ and no, I don't eat shit ]

Comment 3.
Shows empathy to a certain degree. "Go look for people who you can talk to"

Why do you think people come here to vent? Not always because they are isolated but mostly because they don't want to bother someone else when they're going through troubles of their own.

So yeah, hope that was helpful. Perhaps you might get more bitches if you work on elevating yourselves personality-wise.
Blasphemy 2 weeks ago
Ooof. Comment number... blame the victim much? This is why women don't come forward when men do this stuff. Existing and breathing is "asking for it". Everyone doesn't want to walk around looking like a bum.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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