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No Deal

You want me to give up something that is very important to me for something that is not important to me at all. What kind of fucking deal is that?

"But you don't understand," you say. "If you don't do that we won't get away with our lies and our crimes."


You're NOT going to get away with your lies and your crimes. I don't give a fuck about who you think you are or how special you think you are. There is no law in this country that says that you can't sit in the defendant's box. That's the chair you belong in and that's the chair you're damn well going to sit in.

FUCK YOU and you're god damned rationalizations. Weird Al Yankovic did a song with a line that went something like: Might as well go bowling.

Well I got one word for you: STRIKE! (You all fall down)
anonymous Other October 09, 2019 at 12:23 pm 0
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FUCK YOU and your* god damned rationalizations.
anonymous 5 months ago
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