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There is SO much hobby superiority on the internet right now. This implication that if you play certain games, or enjoy, or find fictional characters fun to engage with, those are somehow less worthy hobbies than other ones. Let's take a note from history and reflect on hobbies that used to be made fun of and realize that times shift ESPECIALLY when something new comes up. People will always act like it's the end of society or the world to engage with the new hobby that they don't understand and it has been like this for CENTURIES.

One hobby is not above any other. If you're enjoying yourself and your wellbeing is not being harmed, don't give a fuck what other people say!

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we iis told by our Cult captin that all we gots to do always is be loyal and serve the grate master the Czar Trump and pursue all who disrespected him and become his army of revenge nd retribution and getting even and grabbing sruff and the cuontry will be okay anyway, or not.
dilled doe 1 month ago
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