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My rant

Sooo today i had the worst clients ever IN MY OFFICE. I am a seasonal worker that works at the front desk, nothing serious tbh. The guests from hello arrived to do their check-out, they were pissed with something my colleagues were fixing. So, they decided to ask ME if I can do something with that. Bitch. So i tried to do something, but nothing was OK. They were lowkey pissed and decided to take their anger on me. Well, not anger, but frustration. Lame as fuck. Also i fucked up with telling them they can go earlier, never the fuck again. So, after i established they cannot get the refund, they started being really rude and asking me questions. One guy, with glasses who i remembered, hate this old son of a bitch, when i tried to explain the situation, asked me about some things that were explained to them before. Then he proceeds to tell me IF I DO HATE MYSELF because i said something that was shocking to him. That was the endpoint for me. I wanted to slam his face on the board and slam it until it turned Like pancake and then shit on his corpse. I want to see him suffer. I want to see him choke on his own shit while he is choking on his dads gigantic dick. Old fucker literally. He probably tried to talk shit with my colleague, and he Got scared, little bitch, or maybe horny god knows what, and decided to take his frustration on me. Son of a dirty whore. I kinda want to see how is this piece of trash struggling in his real Life. That would be really funny.
If i ever go mad, aka lose all of my feelings, that little bitch will be the first on my kill list. His ugly ass face, looks Like monkey. Orange cunt. I just wanna step on his face and smash that big ass head. Karen dick sucking motherfucker.
I hope he will stay soft and virgin for the rest of his poor life. He probably is 73837 year old virgin. Dumbass. Then he tries to act like he is someone, but he is like nobody. So lame. He took pics of my crew, so if that cunt tries something, he will get piece of my ass.
This makes me want to start a cult and go after that cunt.
But being so rude, asking me if i do hate myself. Bro. That is hatespeech.
Honestly i think he fucks nothing, because noone wants to give that cunt some, since he acts like hes someone, but he is just one empty, bratty, disgusting, ugly, insecure son of a bitch.
I am coming on that cunts funeral, dead or alive, and Im gonna shit on his grave.
I wish him well in hell tho.
NotFound Work August 05, 2022 at 7:53 pm 0
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Not nice to talk of the once & future Pres that way, not nice at all.
taitlor grean 1 week ago
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