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I have more money than anyone in my workplace. I've got 8600 in stocks... not much still more then my coworkers including my boss. So they can go fuck themselves
anonymous Work April 02, 2024 at 11:10 pm 1
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Just wait, till it all comes crashing down and your stocks are worthless, you smug cunt.
Orlan 1 week ago
The OP is another half-wit who does not know the difference between then and than, cunt.

Let me help you, 2 is more than 1, we went left, then we went right.

Fucking simpleton.
Jarrad 1 week ago
Yeah, but, you are still a twat.
Tommas 1 week ago
Crashing? Haha you think 8600 is alot what losers commenting. I'm going to triple my money I pay more then that in bribes every year op here go f$%k yourself wander commenting get a job you lazy bludging cunt
anonymous 5 days ago
Op again FYI asswipe I'm buying another probably 3000 in shares in the next 3 or 4 weeks I'm getting a payout
anonymous 5 days ago
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