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they never cook anything right. always halfway frozen or nuclear hot. i think nuclear shit and radiation is mostly a fucking myth and TV BS but that's besides the point. microwaves nag the fuck out of you when something is done, doing that jingle over and over and over again. SHUT UP AND COOK IT RIGHT COCKSUCKER.

then the cocksucking ass fits these things have if metal is cookied. ITS 2023 MAKE A GODDAMN MICROWAVE THAT CAN COOK METAL.
anonymous Other September 18, 2023 at 1:53 pm 0
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" i think nuclear shit and radiation is mostly a fucking myth"

Microwave ovens do not produce ionizing radiation, but the radiation it does produce is strong enough to cause harm to people if they are standing in front of an active microwave with the door open and the saftey interlocks bypassed. Also it could interfere with pacemakers which coukd hurt or kill people who rely on them.
anonymous 10 months ago
^That's why you see a pacemaker warning next to the microwave at your local Kwik-E-Mart.
anonymous 10 months ago
"halfway frozen"
Cook at a lower power setting for long time. Redistribute food interruptingly to distribute heat maximally.

"nuclear hot"
Distribute heat by interrupting recurrence of the cooking radiation to stir every XX seconds. Retain moisture to cook food evenly by adding water to dry food with a spray bottle, and covering food with a steamy slit cover to allow moist air to cook the food as a steamer. ;) we use a spray bottle of "cat piss water" that is just 6/8 water, spoonful MSG, 1/8 salt, and garlic/onion/celery agua fresca (just dice them up and let them float in the bottle), because it makes everything taste deliciously savoury.

Honestly people need to experiment more with their kitchen appliances to figure out how things work. Eating is more important than being able to read, but nobody makes excuses for being illiterate anymore.
anonymous 10 months ago
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