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Washing machine has been a piece of shit for over 2 years. Mom and dad are too cheap to buy one that won't give us problems, but have no problem spending thousands of dollars going on trips. Washing machine is finally dead, it needs to be thrown out of the house. Washing machine is on the 2nd floor of the house and needs to be brought down a very narrow staircase.

Dad decides that 4 people should bring down washing machine. On a narrow staircase. That can fit 1 person at a time. And then starts talking shit when IT IS NOT FUCKING PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR 4 FUCKING PEOPLE TO DO AND 2 PEOPLE ARE ENOUGH TO LIFT THAT FUCKING USELESS PIECE OF JUNK AND CHUCK IT OUTSIDE. And then Mr. Big Brain has the gall to say that everyone but him is useless.

Go suck a fat dick dad, next time I'll chuck you out with the washing machine, or any other useless, broken appliance in the house that's just taking up space for no reason other than 'I'm too lazy to buy one so I'll pretend not to have money and go on another 1000$+ trip lol'.
anonymous Home November 09, 2019 at 8:15 am 0
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Maybe you could tell them. Confront them about it
Puta 4 months ago
^Already tired something similar in the past, I'd rather avoid being told that I'm stupid and that my opinion doesn't matter.
anonymous 4 months ago
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