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Life Upgrade Needed

Life Upgrade Needed

I really need a life upgrade!

I live in a house, neighborhood, town, state I hate!

Wasn't raised here so the family treat me as an outsider, and only have anything to do with me when it's to raise money for the church they are really into, but I'm not, and there's only so much pretending I can do to fake that I am. They would shit themselves if they knew I'm not even baptized. And the fact I've not got a winning personality is not a plus. An in-law that got married into the family is loved to pieces because she's got one. If your not tied to a family here, you're a non-entity pretty much.

Can't really help the way I am, I've always been this way since a small child. TBH, it's a pessimistic pragmatist, with an ad mixture of aspy bitch, and a distinct touch of sociopath. But on the outside an optimistic socially well adjusted individual is presented to the world, and it is exhausting to keep up for more than 1hr, less if the company around is trying, tedious, and uninteresting. And that would be describing most folks here and the family.
anonymous Other April 03, 2024 at 12:20 pm 1
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