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Life lmao

*Lots of swearing, sorry i cant control myself*

I’m mad at everyone and everything and i can’t go one fucking conversation without wanting to either scream at the top of my lungs or fucking punch someone. I’m sad all the fucking time and i’m fed up with everything. I wish i looked different, i’m ugly and fat and no one will ever like me. I feel like i’m losing all of my friends and the ones that i have i can’t trust. I told my friends i liked a dude (we call him thomas, it’s not his actually name) and one of them keeps fucking talking to him and i’m not even mad that she is i’m fucking stressed that she’s gonna tell him because she’s done it in the past and i’m fed up with her but i can’t drop her because everyone is like i love her no you can’t do that she’s so nice she’s not doing anything wrong. Then, one of my old friends, we stopped talking because she cheated on her boyfriend and that was such a shitty thing and they just piss me off constantly anyway and i finally got to drop them and all of my other friends are slowing thinking about becoming friends with her after all the shitty things she’s done. I don’t want to be an asshole and interfere but still. Then this other bitch, me and one of my friends were talking and she was eves dropping on everything and telling the girl who cheated everything and then when we asked about it because there were things we didn’t want her to know ( it was the girl i was talking to birthday and we were talking about her party and the girl who was listening told the girl who cheated but we didn’t want her to know because she wasn’t sure yet) then she got fucking mad at us. Anyway we asked her if she told her because we wanted to know if she had just guessed she was uninvited or if someone told us. She lied straight to our faces. Like she always fucking does. and i kept fucking protecting her against all my friends because in the back of my mind i was like maybe she’s not that bad, maybe she’s actually nice but it’s been THREE YEARS and she still FUCKING LIES ALL THE FUCKING TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING. IM ALWAYS SO FUCKING MAD AT HER AND WHEN EVER SHE EVEN LOOKS IN MY DIRECTION I WANT TO FUCKING SCREAM AT HER AND BEAT HER THE FUCK UP. IM JUST SO FUCKING MAD AT EVERYTHING EVERY FUCKING THING THAT HAPPENS AND I WANT TO FUCKING DIE MORE THAN FUCKING NORMAL HOLY JESUS FUCKING CHRIST PLEASE FUCKING HELP ME OMG
Emily Other October 14, 2019 at 5:45 am 0
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