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Everyday I do the same boring shit, I want to leave, I have other things to do, and when I get home I have to cook for my roommates, I have to do my university work, I have to do the stuff for my committees. And if I quit it, no one will pick up the fucking slack. Why does it sometimes seem like I am the only person actually trying my hardest?? Why is everyone else doing less?
I know this is really cliche and everyone feels like this and working 8 hours a day is just a preview of my future life but I don't know if I can do this
anonymous Work June 11, 2024 at 11:12 am 1
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I hear you. Let's tackle ur roommate. Have you talked To them about sharing responsibility. Just like marriage it's give and take. If you have then here's a little trick to open the eye's of a person whom does not listen or recognize they are doing wrong.

Opportunities will arise where you can point out how someone your roommate knows is doing or making your roommate feel the way your roommate makes you feel. When that opportunity comes point it out in a constructive way. Hey that really sucks kinda the way it sucks that you don't actually listen to me or help me. Yes that is constructive if you say it calmly and non judgemental, or sarcastic. Acknowledging their feelings and addressing yours as to solve a problem that will eventually break your relationship with your roommate.

Communication is important with any relationship. Weather in love, work, family or living with someone. Say a person works hard at work yet someone else gets all the acknowledgment. If you words fall on deaf ears then find a constructive way to show your worth. Things rarely work when it's all take and no give. Well except for the taker/user. That's why sometimes you have to point things out to some people.

Say you get a new/used car. You never paid attention to that type of car until you bought one. Now it seems you see them all over. Maybe you have someone you care about who gets diagnosed with say type one diabetic or Parkinson's. Before that you did not know much about type one and type two diabetes , how different and the similarities of the two. What a diabetic deals with. Same with Parkinson's you may have heard about it even know someone with it but until it personally effected you or someone close to you the details were not there. Same for donations. People start donating or raising money for causes when they have been in one way or another affected by it.
Well sometimes someone needs to be affected by the same or close to treatment in order to understand how they are affecting you. Then you have the few but still there people who truly do not care. The ones who are lazy, or selfish etc.. In that case either accept them or deal with them until you are able to move on. Most importantly do not dwell on things just do what you feel has to be done and move on. Really you do not need to cook , clean or anything for your roommate, you have chosen to. Or many you feel obligated because you may pay less ether way you have a choice.

The Odd Couple sitcoms is a perfect example of choices made.

Best of luck
anonymous 2 days ago
Lol I need to ware my glasses. Choices made tee hee
anonymous 2 days ago
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