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Your initial principle was that what you do with your money matters more than how much you make.

But if someone is making 140k and you're making 60k, they're literally making double w.r.t you and although salaries are not supposed to be public information, that is kinda known by everyone anyways. So basically people know they make more, AND the respect goes to them (not even because they work at prestigious companies, just because they make more than you and all your friends). Nobody considers the taxes, and those who do, do so to avoid the shame that society subjects to them by the way of indifference.

The solution?

Get a good paying AND good sounding job. To do so, apply for good sounding roles in good paying locations (because people don't seem to care about taxes anyways remember)

But wait..

Do people even care?
Do you or anyone else even get respect from your friends?

In the end you realize that nobody cared about you in the first place. The only people who matter to you and whom you matter to, are your children. They have the right to demand better financial situations from you, for their education, for their entertainment, for their confidence, and everything else that money buys. There should be a surplus cash ready for them in comparison to their friends. I'll be careful not to spoil them, but it would be really hard to do so coming from my background. All of this considering you have children.

What if it was you all throughout your life.. Would it even be worth it? Sure. Working towards something you love, building a business out of it. Business building is a long shot at this point, you must realize that.
anonymous Other September 12, 2019 at 1:55 pm 1
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I'm not going to touch 99% of what you wrote because... Well, just because.

The part that I am going to touch though, is the part about people deserving respect based on solely on their income. Some total pieces of shit make big bucks while some good honest hardworking folk scrape by on whatever pittance they're able to earn. No one, and I MEAN NO ONE, is going to convince me that the high earning piece of shit is deserving of more of my respect than good honest hard working folks.


Before you trot along extolling how I think that high income earners are pieces of shit... Nevermind, say what you will... AND YOU WILL!
anonymous 5 months ago
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