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Libido est Amoris et Affectionis

Libido est Amoris et Affectionis

Secundus Sept;

Wheeling in the metals and plastics that make your blind,
Wearing the cotton and silk that the meek rarely find,
Jesus loves nobody. You love anyone.

Feeling the soft skin and pull it to your face,
No matter the disposition, thought, or even race,
Lust envelops your body. You hate no one.

The drug that enters through skin and nose,
People who enter come through your clothes...
Rectified naught with of study, Yourselves, as one.

The morning is in cold painted gray hue,
now bleeding and sweating a rancid dew,
Your regret of night, you're shamefully stunned.

Emergency lights dancing dizzily just for you,
Lips wreathed with chill fog as breaths ensue,
You hated your life, and dead you've become...

...some swingin' fun!

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Gene Blue Religion September 23, 2022 at 1:37 pm 0
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