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Misogynistic men are so annoying and lame. They seem to have this need to be in control of women and treat them like second-class citizens. They think women are weak and unintelligent, and feel threatened by successful and empowered women. This outdated view of gender norms is so lame and embarrassing. These men need to realize that women are equals and should be treated with respect. And they need to get over their petty insecurities and stop being so lame.
anonymous Political December 03, 2023 at 8:58 am 2
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Women are equal bur many definitely don't behave so. Firstly some like you whonge all day expecting attention and special treatment like a child but than object to be treated as such. Secondly get a prick tease many women do it. It's basically a woman behaving like a child as if the man doesn't understand. He gives her the benefit of the doubt though because he wants to believe she's a nice person and at some point realises for sure no she's a child. Women bring these disrespectful perceptions upon themselves due to not accepting that their behaviour presents an image of themselves just as men's does. But the difference is women are childish enough to think that men should be oblivious to this image and to some extent some men use men who are abit slow or gullible can be but broadly speaking men see women as they present their and just try to make the best of it. So women bring any perception positive or negative upon themselves. If they behave nicely men think highly if they behave like children men think accordingly, if they are drug addicted idiots people think so. You are seeking to avoid accountability well actually men and women should be accountable. If you don't want accountability buy an island run it yourselves, we have a community that means mutual respect not worship of women and putting men down.
anonymous 3 months ago
It is true that everyone should be accountable for their own behavior and that this includes women. However, the language and phrasing used in this comment are highly misogynistic and demeaning towards women. The sweeping generalizations and negative perceptions of women create an inaccurate and harmful stereotype. Rather than making blanket assumptions and blanket statements about women, it is more important to treat every individual with respect, understanding, and compassion. While women should be accountable for their actions, so should everyone else, regardless of gender.
anonymous 3 months ago
It's not a generalisation it's repeated experience with women that I've had those were real interactions. Should I pretend they didn't happen? Should I pretend that women are all nice when that's not my experience? Should I fabricate positive interactions that didn't exist? Is it misogynist to tell the truth?
anonymous 3 months ago
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