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Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

I had nowhere else to vent this frustration so here yall go.
Disney really fucked up KH3. I have been replaying the series recently and am so pissed off with how 3 got shafted.
No Final Fantasy characters AT ALL.
Disney FORCE FUCKED frozen into the game as well as Rapunzel. They had a golden opportunity with the toy story level and fumbled that harder than the forced frozen into the game.
The formula for a good KH game follows the first one.
The story of the disney movie with sora and company well integrated into helping out the plot of the movie.
The frozen and Rapunzel level were literally just sora sitting on the sideline while they showed cutscenes from their biggest cashcows of the decade. The bosses of said levels, overshadowed every other boss of every other level just because of how popular the movies were with a TOTALLY DIFFERENT TARGET AUDIENCE! The boss for frozen was just some dude that fucking showed up, not even the antagonist of the movie, iirc, and turns into the biggest boss fight outside of the final level.
Frozen could have been replaced with the rescuers or coco and made for an infinitely better game, because of the overall, heavy handed friendship/family/heart aspect that is KH.
The pirates level was unnecessary for the same reason frozen was, disney wanted one of their most popular IPs in the game just cuz, when treasure planet would have been absolutely perfect instead.
Toy story had no reason to be as retarded as ot was, the missed opportunity there was, not following the story of the first movie. Having sora and co, help woody and buzz become friends and work out their differences. Plus, pizza planet and Sid's house would have been such better settings, than the made up alternate reality toy store.
The only levels done well, imo were big hero 6 and monsters inc, where sora shows up right after the events of the movie.
To have a Hercules level, with no Colosseum/arena mode is also a huge mistake.
The attractions are stupid. That's really all that can be said about that. Just disney pushing their brand further down everyones throat.

Im not even mad that the story of KH got even more convoluted, as if that were possible. I grew up with KH and loved all the games. Yeah some were worse than others but still pretty fun. And for Disney to just fuck that all up, just so they could play Let it go, one more fucking time, irritates the god damn it out of me.

Zakk Other October 28, 2020 at 1:27 am 0
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