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I keep reading about all the job losses and hope you go broke.
anonymous Funny October 17, 2020 at 6:24 pm 3
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Karma is when bad things happen to bad people or when good things happen to good people. When bad things happen to good people that is not karma, that is injustice. When good things happen to bad people that is not karma either but injustice.

I don't give a shit about karma. I care about justice. I care about justice because that is the light I am chasing at the end of this dark tunnel.
anonymous 1 week ago
I hope you go broke paying child support for your 17 children
anonymous 1 week ago
I have no children. I have three neices and a nephew. Back then I had two young nieces and a young nephew.

It's difficult to impregnate a female when you don't enjoy sex and don't want to have sex. It's also difficult when there is no girl that you want. Fortunately, I don't want children either.

Yes, I know, my genes will not be passed on and that I will not pass on the baton to the next runner, but I have a brother and sister that have passed on the family genes. In my opinion that's good enough.
anonymous 1 week ago
I would never wish anyone to be homeless because I was once homeless without my parents knowledge. They were hospitalized. I was alone at home and the circumstances at home were not okay. There was an evil aunt.
Anyway, I would never wish that type of karma on anyone.
Hestia Cat 1 week ago
We are inundated by evil people. There are 535 evil people in Congress that needs to "go away". A fresh start with people who are not politicians might be a good thing. I get so tired of the lies and the mudslinging on political TV ads. There are evil do nothings out there who expect others to support them for doing nothing to earn their living. We need a,Darwinian catastrophe to be rid of them all.
Vladimir 1 week ago
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