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Inevitable bad thoughts

Inevitable bad thoughts

I'm waiting for this bitch to punch or kick these kids.
I'm waiting for this bitch to drop these kids on the street.
I'm waiting for this bitch to starve one of these kids if he doesn't "go to class"/do his homework (online schooling) or stuff the kids face and force feed him before class starts.
I'm waiting for this bitch to yell at them "shut the fuck up!".
I'm waiting for this bitch to kill these kids.

If any of these happens, then I told you so..... thanks for nothing you uncaring bastards.....

(*as a side note: she's only gotten physical with one of the kids, the one doing his school thing, yesterday because something about putting toys away if he didn't want to share with his younger brother. she also threatened to throw them away. point is, she got physical with him. she also yelled at him to the point of tears. so yeah, fuck anyone who thinks this is okay)
anonymous Home September 30, 2020 at 2:32 pm 0
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Beat her ass and put her in her damn place.
Joyner 4 weeks ago
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