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If you dare vote Trump

If you dare vote Trump

Go ahead America vote for someone that ,

1: the world will not take Serious
2: will always will be called a Liar by world leaders (because he is a Liar)
3: Will abandon us and leave us to die if world war 3 starts
4: Will walk in and remove the rights from people (Mostly from women abortion will be banned) my fav part
5: Will be the one that delivers a blow to America that wounds her so bad that she is not able to save

Trump will pretty much bring a hell on earth that you people all deserve and me I'm not afraid to die as Long as I know you all die with me
Unknown Political April 03, 2024 at 4:09 pm 4
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"3: Will abandon us and leave us to die if world war 3 starts"

It just boggles the mind that if WWIII starts he, if re-elected, and the religious incompetent fool number three in line SOH Johnson are going to be whisked away to some survival bunkers as if that's the best we want to start rebuilding with if still here.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Well, I’m a person of color in the us and if you all wanted Donald Trump, what can i say except that I’m not surprised given history. You chose trump before and you want him again. You’re just like people who choose to watch football. I don’t and won’t ever get it. Whatever, I’m moving overseas away bye
Lolita 2 weeks ago
As a Australian only an idiot wouldn't take the United States serious. Ans usually it's the backward dictatorships around the world so who gives a f$%k what they think...
anonymous 1 week ago
King Trump will sweep away the awful democracy and usher in a beatiiful fun fascism with a huge presence of uniformed religion. There will be parades, public executions, more parades and stores where you can buy all the gear that shows and proves you are loyal. The King will get rid of all the alphabet agencies like the FDA and the IRS and the HHS and the hated EPA and end all them solar and wind things which is ungodly and make birds throw up. Caint wait.
trump4evber 1 week ago
I cannot vote for Trump.
Peter 1 week ago
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