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Gonna be short and sweet about this.

Hey, retards ranting about how bad Trump is. Ever fucking consider that the mainstream national media is lying to you?

First of all, blaming him for coronavirus deaths is fucking stupid...have a read of the 10th Amendment sometime, and ducking realize he did everything he was allowed to do.

Tax returns...first of all, NYT doesn’t provide proof that they actually have his tax returns. Second, if you read the full fucking article you’ll see he overpaid by -millions-. His taxes were that low because of rules put in by the Obama admin, so if you’re pissed off realize that those rules enable ALL the Uber rich to do the same fucking thing. AND I would trust a guy more that has been losing money since becoming president than one that got fucking rich -because- they were president.

And how many times does he have to denounce white supremacists? How many? He’s done it so many fucking times I’ve lost count. And the ‘very fine people on both sides’ thing? Fucking hoax, go read the transcript to get the full context and see -everything- he said.

Why the fuck have you idiots forgotten just how the mainstream national media outlets lies to get the US to go to war in Iraq under Bush Jr? Don’t you remember how they were exposed as liars? That’s why trust in them tanked so hard.

Fuck, you’re so goddamn stupid you can’t see you’re being lead by those nose.

Yeah, this was the short version.
Argus Political October 31, 2020 at 10:26 am 3
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And you're stupid for believing he cares about anyone but himself.
anonymous 4 weeks ago
"And you're stupid for believing he cares about anyone but himself."

And you're stupid for believing that anyone cares about anyone but themselves and their own. There just aren't very many people in the world with a genuine interest in enriching the lives of others. Not even those darling beacons of truth you call the media.

This comment is in no way pro-Trump or anti-Trump because as a Canadian I really couldn't care less who the president of the U.S. is. Even though being a Canadian is, as I believe Trudeau once quipped, like sleeping with an elephant; you feel every move that the U.S. makes.

anonymous 4 weeks ago
Trump is selfish and only cares about himself. He doesn't care who dies from Covid, and he has cheated on multiple women.
anonymous 4 weeks ago
Every other country has done a better job containing the virus. The cases/deaths per million is crazy high in the US. He didn't do a damn thing to stop the virus. He said it would "magically disappear."

I've never seen him denounce white supremacists groups with a full throat.
Leave it to a Trumper to call a video that was recorded live a hoax. He said there were "very fine people on both sides" in Charlottesville. It's not a hoax.

I mean... you ask if we've considered that the mainstream media is lying to us, have you considered that Trump is lying to you?
It makes sense to be skeptical and consider what information you believe.
So what makes more sense?
A world of journalism, both legacy and independent, who vet their sources, and confirm info with witnesses and experts... they're all coming to similar conclusions and lying together.
OR one old man with a grudge, and a pattern of dishonesty, is lying?

Do you genuinely believe Trump is an honest person?
If you do... I don't know what to say.
Really? 3 weeks ago
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