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I wish i never knew

I wish i never knew

There are a lot of things that you wish you never knew and never got exposed to at a certain age and that thing for me will be pornography. This porn addiction is an addiction that is somehow going to spread to other areas of your life. i wish i never knew what porn was and and had this been the case i would never write about something like this. People dont see porn as an addiction and they are nothing but mighty wrong about this. It will ruin your life and will cost you your focus. This addiction to pornography at a young age, well in my case it was when i was in 6th grade and i got exposed to such things by my friends or classmates as it would so happen. This is the vilest and most degrading addiction that one can have and you only look at as women as a means to satisfy your sexual cravings. This addiction to pornography at such a young age teaches your brain to adopt negative patterns. in my case the negative traits that acquired were feeling extremely socially anxious and could not even look into the eyes of the other person while talking to them. I swear this addiction is fucking pathetic and i started smoking because of it welll i fucking dont like these traits in me and i had no body to express this to and well here i am venting it out.

I will change, i make a promise to myself to improve and i will do whatever it takes.

it is and it will ruin your life.
Jarvis Relationships June 06, 2023 at 9:38 am 2
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