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I still love an ex

I still love an ex

She cried ALL THE TIME! In public. Not because of me!!! I couldn't take it! :( plus, she was insanely selfish. I'm not sexually obsessed: i'm ravenous but I'm not some child having a tantrum 'I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT!' But I made her cum every time I saw her for the first month; until finally she let me fuck her.

She went on rants about 'being a slut' who does that to their boyfriend? "I don't care where you've been, so long as it was deep" but shut up about it! I don't get jealous, but I had no interest in hearing about how your friend was in love with a guy, but you let him fuck you WHILE YOU WERE ALL IN THE SAME BED. "I lost my friend because of it." No shit.

She was an awful piece of shit. After we broke up she said I was consumed by my darkness? I am the most positive person I've ever met; even when shit is horrible I try to put a positive spin on it. I bent over fucking backwards dealing with her constant fits and absolute bullshit; to try and help her. Months of me enduring her psychosis, until I became depressed.

I remember when I didn't want a relationship with her. She was insanely manipulative and she said she never lied. She feigned being a good person but she loved these idiotic shame games. She wanted to feel bad. I don't get jealous; I just get turned off. She stared at this neighbor of mine all the time lol. I think she wanted me to be jealous because she liked drama; but I didn't bite. I just didn't really care to be around her. and she got all overly-emotional about every little stupid fucking thing.

I never cried before I met her. Then after months I became such a weak idiot.

I still love most of the people I've ever loved but I am so glad that leech piece of shit is out of my life. ugh. I wish I could stop thinking about her ever. Her name pops into my head and I'm stuck feeling conflicted; after dealing with her inane immature wank idiotic attention-whore actual whore empty pointless piece of shit nonsense.

Emotional intelligence? That bullshit doesn't exist. Manipulative intelligence? I have that but I am not a piece of shit. I don't want to control anyone ever

This cun7 b1tch (I don't use those words very often Idk if they are censored here) just wanted the most pathetic stimulation. I'd like to spit in her face. I wouldn't; outside of thinking about most things; i am rational and try to be polite most of the time. I love a scrap but it takes me a lot to get there.

So Karen; you pointless slug of a person. You are loved! You met someone who loves most people. You wank over darkness and you've created most of the misery you bitched about and you fucking deserve most of your pain.

Oh daddy left? Your mum blamed you? I see where you get it from. I'm over you; my trivializing our relationship is natural because you did it all along. I still love everyone :) I love psychology more; I see you but you can't see me. You are absolutely pathetic :) I wish I could never think about you again.

I felt guilty in our last contact that I said almost as much. "I love you" several times LOL but also "I don't care about you or the melodrama you create about everything."

Fuck artists. They all have their heads up their asses. I do art! She wasn't even that good of one; i still encouraged her always. I did insult her in bed. One time lol, i cut her short! "Im bored" cuz she acted like a B-porno while not reciprocating. She would scream all my neighbors could hear. One time we heard kids playing and she was making so much noise intentionally. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No morals or ethics. "I never lie" yet she fucking lied and bullshit so much.

I respect parts of her. but

she made me disrespect most women. She had so many of the worst aspects that women claim to be strength. She damaged my ability to trust people. and I've always held most at arms length.

I am over her. She still pops in my head! I think "I love you Karen" probably because I had to say it so much; because she was a clingy impotent piece of shit sub-human so often.

ugh. I have been over it for a while but why does it pop into my head? It's been over a year for fuck's sake. She really packed a psychological walloping into such little time; over a year.

I'm not nice or cruel. I am logical. I have been shitty to people after we broke up. I wanted to be and I feel retarded for letting

a nothing, influence me. A 0-sum average person with daddy issues fucking have control over my life?!?

It did make me stronger to a degree; or rather... crueler. She deserved far more cruelty than I provided. I still want to help her. I hope everyone is happy and better than worse. I don't want to be worse than better!!! I want to put out more positivity than negativity. I don't care that most people are selfish. I still want to be better than worse: I don't want to be like anyone else ever. I am me.

I hate bad influences. I don't care if Karma catches up with anyone; I don't need revenge unless you are a piece of shit to someone I care about.

I'd love to call her and break her. I can break most people: i've broken a few. someone raped a friend of mine and he's a cripple living in fear now. In a different town: i have checked up on him. I've made sure he didn't hurt anyone. I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself: but most selfish people are pointless cowards.

Anyway; sociopaths are more compassionate and logical than bipolar retards. Most of society is really fucked and it's not their fault. I know it's not their fault; but the only lessons that people learn are hard ones.

I don't even want to give her a hard lesson. I demeaned her near the end. After she was an empty piece of shit: i stopped trying to be nice all the time. She deserved far worse than I could ever provide to another human. Then again; I am emotionally stable. I lapsed and was an asshole to her: not rude but a kidding asshole. A court jester. I wish I had punched her in the face but like; I'm not weak. I am not a weak person :)

The best advice I've gotten was "Get over it" and I did. I was weak at times. Leave me alone with a woman and they'll fall in love. I avoid dating chicks (some coworkers think I'm gay; i don't care what most people think. "You should fuck her" "Fuck you, wanker")

She was beautiful on the outside; but so ugly on the inside. I am glad she's out of my life but like: i want your stupid fucking problems and your mis-pronounced name out of my head. I told you "You'll inspire people with your art." I don't really think she would: i just thought if she thought so she'd try harder.

She is a vacuous self-serving wank artist. "Look at my darkness." I don't have much of that. Maybe that is why I don't appreciate you or any of your empty pretentious wank. Your need for attention from anyone who will give it.

You are a shitty woman. You were one of the worst lays I've ever had. You only had me because you broke into my life during one of the most traumatic points. I let you change my mind. I won't let anyone ever do that again: fuck your pathetic empty existence. I do feel bad for you. I only feel bad for you. Get out of my head please :( forever! I never needed you. You are the worst sort of person.

Fuck your 'darkness.' or rather, your need to feel like a piece of shit. Get over it; you piece of shit. I'm on smoko so leave me alone!

If she tries to talk to me again I will be really mean. I have ADHD so I am usually thinking about a bunch of pointless nothing. You are a pointless nothing. I hope she messages me. I'd love to say a lot: but I think i'll ignore it. This YEASTY MASTURBATION-ADDICT SLOB. This gluttonous (She wasn't fat but she will get fat) this slop of shit. This infertile (i clench and pull out. I only came in her during her period... I hope I'm not infertile lol but her pussy always had some problem and she abused the fuck out of it WANKING TOO MUCH cept my average cock was the longest she's gotten) This... poor soul. This sad girl.. with daddy issues.. This reminder of why people should have morals and ethics; why people shouldn't say they never lie when in reality they live to lie to anyone they can

I hope for the best for you. I resent you but I could never hate anyone ever. I just have no respect for you. I want to respect you but you are a poor representation of humanity. You are a typical nothing. Just some shit your parents took and your dad wanted to fuck someone else.

You were shit at sex; you saying you're a slut is sad dark comedy. You are pathetic.

it's sad when her name randomly pops in my head. because of everything I just said. I loved her. Now she is just an interesting case study that my stupid brain can't randomly think of from time to time, when i'm not busy doing something else.

I just want her out of my head forever

this rant is subtext to the nonsense this piece of shit put me through. I should get adderal or something. Idk if it'll fix it

I dated a few people since but they weren't much better. One chick hit her dog with a broom! wtf. she was a long-term relationship like... A WHILE AGO

I'm frustrated with myself. I entirely blame her. I spent months of her being obsessed with me while I slowly lost the ability to hold my pointless life together. "You're so easy to love!" she was so clingy and obsessive. Then I lost interest she was a ****-hag. (bad influences obviously) so I became a villain. Gays are disgusting empty people. Saddom and Gamora were turned to salt (I'm not religious; bibles are a sociological writing form) Her friends weren't bad people but; emotionally disturbed. Most were medicated.

I don't want any weak wanky people in my life. I don't want to think about her ever.

i just wish I had never met her. and that I didn't find everyone and everything so interesting. Even during the worst bits I had to think about nothing. All of these people's impotent pointless lives; while being trapped in having given my dreams away to help someone else and living in an escape from that

this story is too long anyway. And none of it matters. I'm back on point and my future is near. I just want to say to nobody: "Fuck you, you gossipy b1tch piece of shit. Your need for any dramatics in your boring life will consume you. I only talked to you because you stalked me during a bad break-up with someone far worse than you. Because you knew the state I was in and negged me)

Most men and women are sub-human. Most people are just so empty that they need to suck whatever energy they can get from whoever has it. This bitch is living in my head rent-free somehow;

even if barely. I just don't want to hear your name ever again. I want to finish my degree and get what I can get. You've gotten all you can get and will end up miserable. You are far less talented than any of your friends! A couple of them made really cool shit. I hope you work hard for whatever you want, and that you leave most other people alone! You are a toxic piece of shit. I hope for the best for you so much! I hope you grow the fuck up

But I don't care if you live or die at all! I love everyone; especially my people

you had a lot of good qualities but YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! and you (i know this) lived a life of reaping the wind.

I have read several bibles and esoteric shit is the most interesting. You, are consumed by darkness. You love misery? I have analyzed you and it was your fixation. With your child-like emo drawings. You spent hours showing me shit you've drawn. You never asked me to play guitar lol. "Look at how interesting I am!" every time I fucking saw you. "You are so good to me!" I played guitar for her once while we were on LSD. I am proud of the things I've made. I wouldn't mass-upload every shit I took to whatever site would take it. I'm not an artist: I enjoy life.

You need to learn to enjoy life or you'll die a piece of shit. I don't care! Your life is yours. I just really want to forget your name. I never needed you and I don't want to think of you ever! You just stole over a year of my life. You stole it; like the piece of shit selfish wank-obsessed drama-wh0re empty pointless waste of life that you are. Having written this will do no good. I met a girl I quite like now: one that I want to do more than fuck.

but i don't want to date her so I don't even think I'll bother. I want my degree! my 'biometric swipe-card to success'

I want to fulfill my desires in life. They are not wank and never have been. All you wanted to do was misshape your pussy by feverishly masturbating DATE UNDERAGED LOSERS AND MARRIED RETARDS this bitch was really disgusting. She just told me about it slowly because she knew I wasn't the sort of piece of shit she chased down due to desperation. She had learned to unload her need for shame and pointless upon people

due to abuse. She has had one of the saddest lives I've ever had to analyze. Quite frankly; she made it sound far sadder than it really was. Remember; she never lied. Piece of shit. Anyway; I am going to sleep
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