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I need to talk to my mom

I need to talk to my mom

I (15NB) finally know the exact cause of my anxiety, and I surprisingly didn’t need therapy to prove it:

My mom sometimes calls me overdramatic and, at least today, told me to toughen up.

As I cry as quietly as I can while typing this, I realize that her doing this has caused me to be less open with not just her, but everyone, including therapists, whom I’m actually too scared to seek anymore.

I want to tell Mom that what she said to me made me anxious and less prone to talking about my feelings.

When it comes time, along which lines should I say to my mom? How do I honestly, but kindly, tell her that her calling me overdramatic and telling me to toughen up isn’t doing my mental health any favours?

How do I get back the healthy relationship with my mom I knew and loved?
Anxious Anonymous Home August 09, 2020 at 11:16 pm 0
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Are you choosing not to help me simply because I’m non-binary?

This is seriously affecting my mental health, and I need someone who cares, regardless of my gender!
Main Rant Poster 2 months ago
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