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I just love the irony of my boyfriend

I just love the irony of my boyfriend

I'm fed up with my boyfriend.
Just to set the context, I've been raped when I was 12, now I'm 20 and my boyfriend knows what happened. He helps me a lot and I like it. Where is the hypocrisy then? Whenever I feel down or I want to end myself, bf is here and asks me to tell him EVERYTHING I feel wrong with. But him when I ask him what's wrong? Nope, just "nothing".
We had a marvelous evening watching The Lion King, and right after, wewe had a conversation about the chores at the flat and recycling. I told him he was dumb not to recycle and he started being a bit bitter. Then he went colder and harsher, just because his two shitty friends did not come play Borderlands, like it was MY fault they weren't here...
I don't want to leave him, because he means so much to me and he supports me everytime I am the WORST girlfriend ever but God do I need sometime to smack the door and get out instead of just seeing him watch YouTube coldly and feeling ugly for eating candies (sugar helps me feel better) :/
Also I kinda miss my cat, who is the next best support I've ever had, but I can't just drive the 1 hour from my bf's to my parents' this late (10 pm here) so I kinda needed to rant...
Emma Relationships January 29, 2020 at 4:10 pm 0
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It was your fault, he has supported you, tries to be understanding, tries to get you to talk about how you feel, and I suspect like a lot of emotional cripples and idiots, you just can't help yourself and start blaming your partner for things that you feel unhappy about in general, and is not actually anything to do with them directly.

It sounds to me that you are a little self-absorbed, and overcritical, calling him dumb, is not a great way to return his emotional support. I suggest you think a little more about how you behave before criticising him, learn to better your own ways and if he truly is dumb and lazy and getting fat then you can by all mean talk to him about it, like an adult.

Shelley 4 weeks ago
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