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I hate fat people so much

I hate fat people so much

A self-hating fattie here! I'm fat and ashamed to be fat because it's disgusting and I hate myself so much that I decided to develop an eating disorder like Love Yourself's wonderful mother did; after all, her mother was right to not only have an eating disorder and hate herself, but abuse her ever-ugly fat pig of a daughter for being fat and ugly! I tried to bully her myself too in an attempt to force my internalized fatphobia on her and, thus, shame her into losing weight, doing extreme exercises and starving herself and when she got a whiny and defensive about her ugliness as well as her disgusting obesity, I ending up harassing and bullying her some more in the hope that she would hate herself because fat people don't deserve to love themselves, ever!

Anyway, I lost 20kg have 20kg to go. I know what it's like to look in the mirror and hate myself. To have attractive girls reject me, laugh at me like I'm beneath them, have people treat me with contempt. Exercise for hours and after still feel ugly when I know it's improving yet still a failure. I know. I know the feeling that you aren't loved, the feeling that you aren't special, nobody gives a fuck about you... it is the worse feeling... on top of that I can't get work I'm 33 got postgraduate qualifications but never had a decent paid job. Only these assholes trying to exploit me on pay give me half minimum wage. It's not fair than I apply for government jobs I do what they say they tell me I can't send it in a word document or it can't be pdf, can't be reformatted but has to be signed. These scumbags say this just to excuse the truth they just want to fuck me.

I'm still fat and ugly and I'm proud to say that I'm ashamed of being fat and ugly and all other fatties should too! Therefore, I'm willing to advocate for genocide against fatties right about now. Who's with me!
anonymous Body January 24, 2023 at 9:03 am 3
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Okay that's a coincidence you lost the same weight as me. That's not very nice why would you want them dead?
anonymous 1 week ago
just don't be fat dumbass.
anonymous 1 week ago
I’m so fat your tiny ass dick would be none existent in it now isn’t that hilarious. Suck my fat big toe you weirdo!.
G 1 week ago
"just don't be fat dumbass."

Translation: I fucking hate fat people!
anonymous 1 week ago
I hate fat people too. I hate you
anonymous 1 week ago
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