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I am not afraid to die

I am not afraid to die

I am immortal. I hold the belief, that I am immortal. Everyone I have told that to has told me I'm wrong. There were times when I doubted it too. There were times when I believed in nothing. I wasn't allowed to believe about most things, and people would shame me if they found out.

I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death. I see no evil. I hear no evil. I will do no evil. I have my morals and my ethics. I do not want to compromise anybody else's. I am me. I have control, over me alone. When I try to control anyone else; we both end up defensive. I am me, I am free. I am a man. I am a human. The human mind is perfect in it's imperfection. We all see different things; small chunks of it all.

Try looking at it all. I believe that I will live on forever. Maybe not in this corpse; I believe I will become energy. I will not be buried. I will be free. You can disagree with me if you like. You have the free will to do that. I wouldn't expect you to believe me; I don't believe most people. Most people seem very foolish to me. Until i walk in their shoes

Then i realize; they are just like me. Their mind has a different accent but; we are in the same boat. Survival in the garden; everything is provided for us. But there is that sexy lil apple that everyone takes a bite of and gets shamed for it. "That is foreign. Do not touch that, it might be dangerous." "Gross, Canadians smell weird!" Sorry Canadians, I smell weird too. I love everyone on earth. I love all people and things. I need to eat meat to survive but I love and appreciate the meals i take in. I appreciate all. I love you all; believe that. I love every person. Every thinking machine; every animal. Green is cool but I like the chaos of the mind

Even if you are completely alone; there is love in the world. There is happiness. I believe you can find it. Use all of your senses. Focus on everything and the answer will arrive. All answers. To anything you desire to do. You can do anything and I love you!
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Actually, that's crazy because I think I'm immortal too. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I don't believe them. It's nice to know someone out there believes the same thing I do.
anonymous 5 months ago
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