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Huge missed opportunity

Huge missed opportunity

Right so basically im thinking back to a while back when i did archery and how i missed the opportunity to go to a huge archery championship simply because i didnt feel like it and i didnt want to dissappoint people. Like dude wake up you're shooting alongside the canadian champion and other super good archers AND you have some of the best mentors/teachers/trainers out there to help you shoot better and just because youw ere stressed at one competition you say no to an offer to go to the provincial championship. Like damn i was dumb back then, but hey that's it thank you!
That one dumbass Sports December 14, 2019 at 10:45 pm 0
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It's only a missed opportunity if it was something that you actually would have wanted. Missing an archery championship may have been a huge missed opportunity for you, but not so for me because I literally have no interest in archery.

I don't mean this as a response to you, but to those who think that what THEY would have wanted would have been something that somebody else would have wanted. Like missing the opportunity to have sex with a hot babe. It's only a missed opportunity if having sex with her was something that you would have wanted. Or anything else, really. If it's something that you've no interest in, it's HARDLY a missed opportunity!
anonymous 8 months ago
Agree with above, and it is a bit like when people lament over a choice, if I had chosen X and not Y things would be better, which of course is nonsense, all you know for certain is that is would have been different, but there is no way to know if would have been better or worse.

Just another way we con-trick ourselves.
Jezza 8 months ago
I hate people that say to me, "You coulda," or "You shoulda." I hate those fucking morons because they're too fucking stupid to realize that if I had wanted to, I WOULDA!

And they sit there on their fucking soapboxes and say, "Well obviously you wanted to or you wouldn't be bitchin' about it today."

And I'm like, "I'm not bitchin' about it today. If you think that 'I'm still not interested' is 'bitchin'' then you are a complete and total fucking moron."


But that doesn't make sense to you because you're ALWAYS first in line to do shit that you don't like, right?
anonymous 8 months ago
Some folks are just dildos, nothing really wrong with that, most folks can be a bit of a dick from time time...
Jorla 8 months ago
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