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Hey Giuliani

Hey Giuliani

Shut the fuck up you IDIOT!
anonymous Political April 21, 2019 at 7:35 pm 1
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Yeah he's a piece of work:

Wanting to bring his mistress into Gracey Mansion (the NY mayoral house) - where he was living with his wife - when he was NY mayor, claiming since he was undergoing prostate cancer treatment so there would not be any sex going on, therefore he saw no problem with the arrangement.

Is in the Republican party which is not very LGBTQ friendly, but went to live with a couple in their lux accommodations, gay men friends, who took pity on him when his wife put him out after divorce.

Incited a highly racially charged cop protest against the black NY city, to curry their favor to get himself elected mayor.

His scum, like DT. A cheat on your wife skirt chaser. A backstabber of friends who help you. A lousy politician that foments racial unrest for their own gain.

anonymous 4 months ago
Beautiful. Well said thanks.
Ya gotta call these motherfuckers out on their bullshit.
Like piece of shit....DT
Donald 'shitty pants' TRUMP
anonymous 4 months ago
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