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Last week I went on a school camping trip, it was only for the junior and senior grades (im a junior) and theres this senior guy that im not really friends with but we knew each other from sports and sometimes talked but other than that we js weren't close or anything. For the trip we were put into the same group (since there were a lot of us, we were split into groups) and that meant we had to do a lot together, including chores and stuff at the place we stayed. During the trip he started to get a little closer with me, we would talk a little more and honestly i thought it would be a friendship, but i didn't really notice how handsy he started getting with because I didn't really care at the time and genuinely thought we were jusy vibing. It wasn't until like the forth day, we were doing the laundry together while others were doing other things and at first I thought things were normal, we started talking shit about school and people, our sports and overall it was like our normal convo's uNTIL he started getting a bit too personal, asking questions like do I have a boyfriend, do I vape, do drugs, smoke (i do none) and he said i was boring. Then he was like, "surely you've had a first kiss before" and i told him no and it wasnt his business (cus it wasnt tf) then he caught me off guard when he asked if I wanted him to be my first kiss. I said no again, he asked why kept persisting and said that it "wouldn't be the real thing and it was just like practice for when it actually happens yk" and i just kept shaking my head and VISIBLY getting nervous, but he kept saying that hes just helping me and just spouting bullshit that i kind of believed at the time but because of the pressure I ended up caving. He ended up taking me to this little secluded spot near the laundry room, and i dont wanna get into details other than the fact it started off awks as fuck, and he started to get REALLy handsy, like he ended up putting his hands under my shirt and on my waist, pulling me into him. At this point we were fully pashing but it was mainly him doing the work because I was starting to piss my pants cus i thought somebody might catch us, so then i tried to push him away but he held onto me pretty fucking tight, then i tried again and he finally pulled away but kept his hands on me, gave a half assed apology and had the audacity to ask if I had "ever been fucked before?". At this point my heart was racing really fast and felt rlly lightheaded and anxious about the whole thing, i shook my head and tried pushing him off, told him to actually stop and said that a teacher might end up seeing us and after a bit he finally backed off by giving another half assed apology. Idk if i overreacted, but i haven't faced him since then and have just been ignoring him because i physically cannot look at him nor be near him, it just makes me feel dizzy for some reason and I hate it. He tried talking to me the other day in front of other people but I just ignored him and left with my friends. They dont know what happened but they hate him, and at first i hated him too but i think he grew on me until yk. Idk what to do or if I should tell anybody else, ive told only ONE person after it happened because I was panicking and she noticed, and now she wants to beat the shit out of him and get her friends on him because she thinks he tried to take advantage of me (love her sm for that). Idk if i should confront him about it, tell my parents (my dad knows his dad) or just move on and pretend nothing happened?? Its all ive been thinking about for the past few days and I highly doubt anybody would read this entire rant.

Btw im 16, the guy is 17 turning 18
anonymous School March 05, 2024 at 7:39 am 0
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