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Hate Compliments

Hate Compliments

Unless it's from people I'm close with, I absolutely hate compliments. I get so pissed when a random guy compliments on my appearance.

I feel so awkward and pissed. I don't post up selfies because I think it's utterly ridiculous play of attention seeking stupidness. I don't get why guys need to compliment random girls appearance why can't they just stfu and stop being such creeps.

I got stopped by a guy while I was running to catch a bus, I thought he needed help with directions then he was taking forever to get to the fucking point "excuse me, sorry, do you have a minute? I'm sure you're probably rushing to catch a bus but I just wanted to say that you look beautiful". I wanted to scream fuck off, I missed my bus, watched it drive away couple meters in front while he stood in my way. I would have made it had this shit not stopped me. I never asked for a compliment, don't fucking interrupt me to make a useless comment on my appearance.

Another time I was walking with my bf and a creepy of an old man said I looked beautiful and my dress was beautiful and kept repeating while we walked past him. I never like going anywhere without my bf because when I'm with him there's a lot less idiot creeps trying to talk to me. Wish guys would just stop with the stupid compliments on appearance, sometimes I wish I can do a mass wipe of all the idiot creeps in the world.
anonymous Other July 12, 2019 at 1:43 pm 0
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you are beautiful :)
anonymous 1 month ago
I know lol, I had the unfortunate experience of this mega creepy guy who kept calling me beautiful and sexy. He also touched me and kissed me a few times. He told me that he loved me and that I should be his girlfriend...
anonymous 1 month ago
It's a good thing. Don't be hater to nice ppl
anonymous 1 month ago
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