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God does not care

God does not care

God does not care about you or me. For the past 43 years, he could not be arsed to get off of his throne for 5 seconds to say "Howdy!" to me to erase all doubt of his existence. The Bible is just a book written by men, and like every religion, they claim their god is the right one. Total bullshit.

I refuse to worship a being who won't make it's precence known. I might as well worship a brick wall.

Fuck religion. I wish I could get all of the time I've wasted worshipping his ass back.
anonymous Other February 28, 2020 at 11:21 pm 1
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Great posts.IT really bothered my scrotum.
lol good luck on that 1. Make sure to wear out your knees praying to the Sky pappa. Remember 1 thing. Look at the chaos of the world. I'm sure he's really worried about his creatures and your holy ass LMAO. Ignore all humans your better off. Humankind is riddled with disease, demented and eventually extinct itself into oblivion. The god dog was invented to keep control of the masses. Head games and total bullshit like Santa claus but, don't worry the Easter bunny is on his way hoping down the bunny trail. Life is all about fairytale adventures. Enjoy the game.Jigsaw says TIME TO PLAY THE
The Marquis de Sade 1 month ago
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