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Girls what would you do next

Girls what would you do next

Setting: It’s the middle of Summer, it’s a weekend, and the summer heat is scorching hot(45 degrees celcius, You decided to go to the town pool with a few of your friends to cool off.

Situation: You and your two female friends are all single and are interested in finding a guy to get into a relationship with, at the pool, you notice a guy looking at you, you sit there patiently waiting for him to come over and start a conversation, one of your friends, one of your more upfront friends lightly elbows you and says “that dude your looking at over there is really attractive, what do you say we go over and introduce ourselves”, you reply with “I’m good, you go on ahead and give him a shot”, so she goes over to him and starts conversation, from your perspective the exchange between your friend and him appears friendly and casual and after a few minutes she comes back, sits down next to you and says “He is very interested in you apparently, he just sucks with starting conversations with girls he is interested in, I quote what he told me “If i had more confidence, I would go say hi to her, but I havent got what is required to not make a fool of myself”, I think he is just a chicken”, you reply with “Well if he isnt willing to man up, he aint gonna get, is he?”, your friend replies with “Absoloutely”, your other friend then says “Are we gonna swim or are you two gonna chit chat”, you reply with “no let’s go for a swim”, a few minutes pass, you and your friends are swimming, talking and playing around.

A few mins later the guy you were looking at taps you on the shoulder, his expression showing that he is very clearly nervous but you also see him trying his best to, as your friend said “Man Up”. The conversation has lots of awkwardly long gaps in between, showing his lack of confidence to keep a conversation going.

Your friends then swim behind him and more or less feed him lines, until you hear one of your friends feed him the line “I have to admit those breasts of yours really turn me on”, he both blushes AND passively negatively reacts by saying “You imps, mind what lines you feed me”, one of your friends then say while laughing “Girls love compliments”, your other friend then says in a giggly way “Especially compliments about their breasts”, the guy still blushing, turns away with his face buried in his hands, and you hear him saying muffled “I shouldnt have said that, I should have been more aware, I feel like a bad person now”

How would you react??
anonymous Other August 13, 2019 at 6:33 pm 0
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I would just laugh it off and say “it’s okay!” He sounds like a good guy and I am sucker for a shy guys like that. He sounds super cute so I’d think it’s, well, cute and totally give him a shot.
anonymous 3 months ago
(OP reply) I personally used to be alot like that guy, but then life happened, I dated 5 girls(not all at once), broke up with them for various reasons AND recently became more horny and I have had a massive confidence boost.
anonymous 3 months ago
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