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fuck you

Fuck you!

You can't slander me and then say that I can't sue!

Fuck you!

You can't victimize me and then turn around and penalize me for wanting justice!

Fuck you!

You can't make it about a fucking girl when there literally is no fucking girl that I have ever wanted!

Fuck you!

You need to pull your head out of your fucking ass!

Can I get a girl? I don't care! But if you feel it's important tell me why a guy that does not want a girl should care if the girl(s) he does not want wants him? Is there a reason why I should care? If there is it eludes me!

Fuck you! Fuck you and the fucking crackpipe you call the truth!

You're a fucking loser!

anonymous Other October 17, 2020 at 6:41 pm 0
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I found this really neat clipart that I'm going to use. One is this shadowy like figure with a big question mark above his/her head. I figure if they can't read I should help them along with some pictures. What do y'all thank 'bout that?

anonymous 1 week ago
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