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fuck you

Fuck you you fucking Canadian media assholes!

Fuck you and the fucking rock you crawled out from under!

"We can't tell you!"

That's really fucking interesting you fucking twat! No one else seems to be able to tell me either!

Fuck you!

I will see you in court!


It's not about a girl because I have never wanted one!

So fuck you!
anonymous Other October 28, 2020 at 12:21 am 0
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This is unlawful surveillance and it's fucking obvious!
I don't want this and that is fucking obvious!
And it's not about a girl and that is fucking obvious!

You can call me a liar but you can't say what I'm lying about? But you EXPOSED me? How the fuck can you say that you exposed me if you aren't even going to allow me to know what you're saying about me?

Know why?

Because you didn't expose me! You just made up a bunch of fucking bullshit! And why don't you want me to know? Because you know it's all bullshit!

The CANADIAN MEDIA is a fucking disgrace! You are a fucking disgrace!
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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