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Fuck the mentaly ill

Fuck the mentaly ill

The loons need to be locked up and castrated. They need to be registered like a sex offender is, in a detailed database ncluding high-res mug shots that the public has access too.

I had to deal with too many of these fucks so I want to know if they're mental so I can pummel them in advance so they know not to fuck with me.
anonymous Other September 12, 2019 at 7:47 am 1
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You do realize you sound mentally deranged?
You would be the first one on the list.
anonymous 6 months ago
^ I delt with these shits for far too long now. Of course, we can't say anything bad about them because of their FEEEEEEWWWWWIIIIINGZ, even after they threaten to fuck you up. Fucking liberals.

No, we need to deal with these mental defects like we did in the 1950s and before.
anonymous 6 months ago
Another inbred benchode. I shouldve known
anonymous 6 months ago
^hahaha, I don;t think so. I just have way more life experience than you do.
anonymous 6 months ago
- and just wait until one of those fucks steal from you, threaten to beat you up, and threaten your family. You won't be so forgiving tward the loons.
anonymous 6 months ago
I'm not a BENCHODE so I wouldn't know.
But you have more life experience as a BENCHODE? I believe you.
Or would you say you have more experience as MADARCHODE?
Benchode teri to maa chodunga abhi main
anonymous 6 months ago
^ Oh geez, I knew I couldn't expect a retard like you to understand.

Oh well. Maybe when one of the loons comes and rapes your wife and murders your kids you might get the picture.
anonymous 6 months ago
I bet OP owns a gun shop. Thats where hes dealing with the mentally ill on a daily basis.
anonymous 6 months ago
I don’t want to understand what being a BENCHODE is like.

anonymous 6 months ago
"I don’t want to understand what being a BENCHODE is like."

Wow, the libs really got you good, You don't even realise you've been chanting like a robot.
anonymous 6 months ago
A lot of the mentally is that way because they fried their brains on drugs. I'm having to deal with one right now where I live, and I am feeling very threatened by this person.

The whole "Let's close the institutions and let the community take care of them" was a HUGE disaster, and the politicians are slowly waking up to this fact and they are starting to reinstitutionalize them. This unleashing them to the community has put society at risk and has gotten many people killed. This has destroyed communities too. Imagine stepping out of your front door and setting foot in a pile of human feces, while the deranged homeless man who put it there threatens to kill you and your family. This is the kind of shit that is happening all across America, even in the suburbs.

I hope the person who I am dealing with (thanks to "let the community handle them") doesn't seriously hurt or kill me.

Sorry we don't live in the fairly land where every child gets a pony for Christmas, but if we lived in such a world, nobody would be mentally ill. In the real world, we have to lock up people who are a threat to society. I'm going with the OP on this one.
anonymous 6 months ago
^ So basically you're saying all mentally ill people are homeless men who shit on your front lawn, huh? That's a pretty broad stroke you're painting the mentally disabled with. I'm not to keen on with people who have the means to seek help but don't, but even those people don't threaten you or your family. Feeling a bit paranoid today?
åñöñýmøüş 6 months ago
Ok, lets put your words to the test. A deranged man threatens your family's life. You call the police, but they won't arrest the man because "he didn't actually do anything". They tell the man to leave and he does.

During the night, you hear the sound of glass breaking coming from your daughter's room. You rush in and find him holding a knife to her throat. Her pants are down because he is about to rape her.

This could've been prevented if he was kept in an institution.

And not all mentally ill are dirty, homeless rapists. You could have one working in the same office as you. He has severe mental illness, and was diagnosed as having violent thoughts and tendicies, but they couldn't refuse to hire him because "discrimination". Unknown to you, he is coming to work tomorrow to shoot you and your work buddies up.

Are you sure they should be wandering around because "the community will care for them"?
anonymous 6 months ago
You obviously had a bad experience with one homeless man and blame all of the mentally ill for the actions of this one person. Either that, or your imagination is running away with you. Perhaps you should seek help before you go over the edge.
åñöñýmøüş 6 months ago
These people were/are ending up in institutions anyway, except instead of hospitals, they are being put in jails and prisons. They get preyed upon, beaten, raped, and enslaved by other inmates. Then they get released, far worse than when they went in. They might move in next door to you if it didn't happen already.

This is what was happening during the past several decades after they shut the hospitals down.
anonymous 6 months ago
"You obviously had a bad experience with one homeless man "

It seems a lot of other people are having the same problem. Good luck trying to sell your house when there is an open air drug den operating in the alley behind it. It's no fun when you have to seal your windows with tape because the stench outside is so foul. And it sucks being woken up at 2 am because of the brutal fights going on back there.

Of course not all homeless or mentally ill people are like that, but too many are. And the police can't do a thing because "rights".

The Tenderloin District in San Fransisco and Skid Row in Los Angeles are havens for the drugged out and mentally ill. You really should visit sometime. Don't forget your gun.
anonymous 6 months ago
About putting the mentally ill in prison: m/watch?v=sZfcW8f2BXo - A documentary about what goes on in ad-seg. Don't eat before watching this, because you will get sick by what you see here.
anonymous 6 months ago
The thing is op you are mentally ill. Narcissistic personality disorder, and psychopathy. Also you are a total BENCHODE
anonymous 6 months ago
^-oh well. Maybe when one of those k00ks fuck around with you you'll see the light.
anonymous 6 months ago
Trying to convert me to your BENCHODE religion wont work. Sorry not sorry.
anonymous 6 months ago
^--LOL now it's a RELIGION?

I bow and give my heart and soul to the director of the secure mental health unit. In the name of the Doctor, and of the Nurse, and of The Orderlies, AMEN.
anonymous 5 months ago
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