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I literally can’t take it anymore. I have this one friend which ALWAYS calls me and it honestly became annoying. She calls me with her problems ALL THE TIME and talks about her relationship problems but if she was a true friend she would know I absolutely hate that topic. I couldn’t care less. And you know what sucks more? She’s layering her problems on top of mine when no one gives a damn FUCK about my problems. I was so damn ill these past few day as I caught a really bad flu. She knew about it but she kept calling me and annoying me and i really can’t stand it. So then she messaged me saying why do you never pick up and ‘you said you’d call me later, you always lie. Liar’ I LOST MY SHIT. I HATE LIES AND BEING CALLED A LIAR IS THE LAST THING I WANT TO BE CALLED. I LET MY ANGER OUT I COULDNT EVEN CARE IM USUALLY ANREALLY NICE PERSON BUT I COULDNT HOOD MYSELF BACK THIS TIME. I’m not gonna get treated like this again. Nope. I don’t care that I have to face her all day tomorrow, she can go rant to her other friends.
Sandy Friends July 11, 2019 at 2:33 pm 0
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Some people take and take and take :D

Tell that needy bitch to fuck off. Seriously; those people cannot change. They are missing a part of their pointless little brains :D I feel you. I fell in love with someone like that :)

get the fuck outa there! Those people are black holes. "I ALWAYS HAVE PROBLEMS, that i wont fix. I JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT THEM OVER AND OVER" lol.

Find the ppl who just wanna chill out and relax :) "Lets go to a concert or film or blah! I enjoy life!" look at people's faces :) you can usually tell, unless a decent person is having a bad day lol
LifeCoach 1 month ago
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